John Paul II Western Hospital in Grodzisk Mazowiecki
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Our mission:

Our mission is to maintain the high quality of medical services with particular attention of the patient and his family.




Neurosurgery Department in Western Hospital in Grodzisk Mazowiecki provides complex surgical treatment in neurosurgery area.

Highly specialized Department in treatment patients with complex spinal deformity, degenerative disc disease, discopathy, tumor and trauma.

We perform:

Brain and spinal cord benign and malignant tumor sugeries
- cerebellopontine angle tumors
- ventricular system tumors
- supratentorial and posterior fossa tumors

CNS vascular surgeries
- cerebral aneurysms and hemangiomas surgeries, embolization of aneurysms and hemangiomas
- brain tumor biopsy

Skull base surgical management
- orbital tumors surgeries
- skull base tumors surgery
- skull base plasty

Full profile spine surgical management (degenerative disc disease, discopathy, tumor, trauma, deformity) with modern surgical techniques and technologies
- cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease microsurgery treatment
- spine trauma surgical treatment
- massive spine stabilization surgeries in multilevel DDD and tumor with posterior, anterior,and antero-lateral approach, 360 surgeries
- spinal cord pathology and deformity surgeries with intraoperative neural integrity monitoring
- deformity surgeries with different types of osteotomies for sagittal and coronal balance correction
- scoliosis surgical treatment
- cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery
- spine stabilization surgeries with minimal invasive and percutaneous techniques
- discectomy with endoscopic techniques

Surgical treatment of brain and skull trauma

Neurovascular conflict surgery
- trigeminal neuralgia surgical treatment

Peripheral nerve surgical treatment
- carpal tunnel syndrome surgical treatment

Physicians working for Neurosurgery Department are neurosurgery and neurotraumatology specialists with many years experience in surgical treatment of: skull and brain trauma, CNS tumors, hemangiomas, cerebral aneurysms, spinal cord injuries and spine treated conservatively and surgically including modern stabilization techniques .

Physicians are constantly improving their professional skills in numerous training courses in Europe and all over the world.

In our Department we perform the full spectrum of surgical procedures in the field of neurosurgery and spine surgery.

We introduce innovative surgical techniques - minimally invasive surgeries (percutaneous), which are a valuable alternative to traditional surgery and do not expose the patient to long, extensive surgery and allow to shorten the duration of hospitalization.